“As we reach our full potential,

we are healing the world and living our purpose”








The Sequoia Forest in central California is one of the most magical places on the planet. With trees that are mind blowing in their circumference and majesty, and a life span up to 3000 years, they are truly an inspiration.

Sequoias are incredibly hardy. They resist fungal rot, wood-boring beetles and their thick bark is flame resistant! Because of these resilient qualities, they grow old. And unlike mammals, they just keep growing and growing as they get older.

Giant sequoias only reproduce by seeds, which sometimes remain in the cone for 20 years. Forest fires help open the cones which then grow from the burnt, bare soil and become these phenomenal beings!

What a profoundly beautiful teaching they have offered by example!

Along the hero’s journey of our lives, in order to thrive and survive our challenges and circumstances, we too have to find our resilience, our metal, so that we can keep growing. Like the Sequoias, we have to be flame resistant, and yet remember that there are times when the flames open us and allow our most potent seeds to meet fertile ground.

When I was in about 4th grade, we were given a project in class to choose our adult vocation. My first choice was to be a singer, and my second was to be a teacher.

On my own hero’s journey, I got lost along the way on my “call to adventure” and it was quite a long time before I got back to those seeds.

Now, with two albums and a third in the planning stages, I can say with conviction that the first seed has come into fullness.

In this new phase, the second seed is blooming.

As I reached my 52nd year in 2018 – a marker year in the Wise Woman Tradition – I recognized a distillation process of my life experiences and saw that the time had come to put it to work.

I decided to double-down with powerful tools, techniques and training to create something I love and believe in.