My passion is to support those who want to get to the heart of what really matters in their lives.
those who want to shift from just getting by into a life they deeply love.

My work comes with my commitment to your most empowered and elevated version of YOU.

I know what its like to face deep, dark, personal trauma. My healing journey, education, and professional practice has sharpened my ability to be a compassionate, empathetic champion of all of my clients, no matter their personal or professional challenges.

People work with me for all sorts of reasons. Some are blocked by limiting beliefs about their lives, others feel stuck in the status quo, some want to connect more deeply to the spiritual aspect of their lives, still others are simply wanting to reinvigorate their sense of purpose and meaning, with a plan to move forward. 

Regardless of your circumstances, I will meet you exactly where you are and get you to where you want to be

Great change requires support.

If you are ready to do this courageous work to experience joy & success, let’s talk.


Ask Powerful Questions

There are always options when it comes to how we perceive what’s happening in and around us. Powerful questions are at the core of meeting our lives in an awakened way. They have a way of opening us up, making more space, so we can breathe and feel better. That spaciousness is freedom itself. We don’t want to feel contracted, compressed, and defended. We want to be open, alive, and curious.

Use Powerful Techniques

Using time tested and proven techniques, it is possible to identify, clear, and move through our fears, blocks, and insecurities. Can you imagine what it would be like to meet your life from a place of quiet confidence and inner equinimity where your choices and decisions weren’t driven by fears and doubts? This is possible. All we have to do is make ourselves availalbe to it.

Define, know, and get you living by your core values

When we are clear about what our values are and the foundation on which those values are built, the questions of life don’t feel so insurmountable. When we know how to define and live by our core values, tap into our inner resources, and depend on our intuitive knowing, we find that we are equal to our life’s challenges and problems.


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