In modern society, 2 in 3 americans suffer from stress & anxiety. Consequently, antidepressants are prescribed at 400 times the rate of just 20 years ago.

The personal price tag for taking these drugs can be pretty high. For example, weight loss or gain, sexual dysfunction, and agitation are just some of the possibilities.

Medicating isn’t the right answer for everyone.

In fact, there is peer-reviewed research that points to lifestyle choices in meeting depression. Plus, medical meditation and other powerful mind-body techniques that are considered more effective than drugs.

If you’re feeling bad, there’s usually a good reason. That is to say, when you give yourself the time and support to figure out what exactly needs your attention, this is an act of great love for yourself.

You’re intelligent… life is intelligent.

We are purposeful beings and our bodies and souls contain great wisdom if we take the time to listen. One of the most powerful modes of healing I experience is simply making time to sit with myself for a brief period each day. That simple practice creates a foundation of balance and self-acceptance.  As a result, healing happens in a spontaneous and lasting way.

Creating life-style changes, body awareness practices, mindful attention, and spending time in nature are just four ways to powerfully reduce your stress and anxiety. However, like drugs, these modalities require 6-8 weeks of your real attention to show real results.

So how about devoting one month to a lifestyle overhaul and taking it as seriously as you might take a doctor’s order?

YOU are worth it.